Xiaomi’s new concept phone comes straight out of a sci-fi movie

While Xiaomi is rumored to be working on three foldable smartphones, it has unveiled a new concept phone today. The company has officially introduced its first quad-curved waterfall screen concept smartphone. It looks as if the smartphone comes straight out of a sci-fi movie. All four sides of the smartphone feature a 88° hyper quad-curved screen design. In simpler terms, the screen is curved on all four sides. And, what does curved sides mean? It has no ports or buttons!

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The Xiaomi concept features a unibody design. Almost the entire frame of the smartphone is covered by a screen, while its body carries no ports or buttons, bringing forward the futuristic unibody no-port design. Meanwhile, the four corners are still covered in non-screen material. After all, you need something to hold that display.

“Xiaomi never stops innovating, striving to find the best balance between imagination and reality. Pushing the limits of the classic smartphone form factor, Xiaomi engineers tried to make the smartphone as simple as possible and bring the “just a screen” form factor a step closer to life,” says Xiaomi.

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Like the Mi Mix Alpha, the new Xiaomi Concept seems to be running a modified version of MIUI. It lights up the left and right sides for incoming notifications. Further, the device appears to have all of its status bar icons on the right edge, making the top of the display clearer. It likely uses pressure-sensitive virtual side buttons as the Mi Mix Alpha. On the back lies a rectangular camera module with a single camera and a flash.

While the Xiaomi concept phone looks futuristic, it does bring durability questions in to perspective. Plus, accidental touches could be a big problem. That said, it is likely that Xiaomi is working on it. The device is unlikely to go into production any time soon.


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