Samsung’s Quick Share is coming soon to Windows 10

Samsung’s Quick Share has been available for a while now, since it was announced back in February 2020 alongside the Galaxy S20 series. This feature was originally a sharing service for sending photos, videos, and files between users who possess one of the latest Samsung Galaxy flagships. However, the service is supposed to make its way to windows 10-powered PCs.

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If there’s a feature that I particularly love about Apple devices is AirDrop. It is extremely convenient, as it allows you to transfer files from one Apple device to another without any kind of restriction. Yes, Android devices have Bluetooth, but it isn’t necessarily as fast or effective as Apple’s option. However, Samsung seems to have a solution for this issue, as it’s been working together with Microsoft to launch Quick Share for Windows 10.

“(Samsung) Quick Share, introduced a few months ago on Samsung mobile devices, allows you to quickly share photos, videos, documents and more on phones with Galaxy One UI 2 on board. Using the quick share function, you can share content with nearby devices via Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth or with devices supported by “SmartThings”. The application is now also arriving on Windows 10 and, of course, will improve the sharing experience between Android and Windows 10 PC even more.”

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Quick Share in Windows 10 would allow users who possess a Samsung Galaxy device to quickly share files between their mobile devices and their pcs. However, there’s no idea as to when the app may be released, and it’s not available in the Microsoft Store as of right now, so don’t mistake it with Samsung’s Quick Search app.

This new feature may not be as convenient as the AirDrop feature found across Apple devices, but it will at least be a first step towards the integration of these ecosystems. But now, we will have to wait until Quick Share becomes available since existing alternatives aren’t as fast or as efficient.

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