Samsung to put Exynos in laptops with AMD GPU

In June 2020, Samsung joined hands with AMD  to license the latter’s RDNA graphics architecture. The deal was said to allow Samsung to pair its Exynos processors with AMD GPUs, instead of Mali graphics engines that have so far been used on Samsung chips. When the news broke, it was expected that the new chipset would debut on smartphones later this year, likely with the next Galaxy Note or Galaxy Z Fold. However, a new report claims that Samsung is aiming to power its laptop with the in-house chip, paired with AMD GPU.

The latest development comes from . It reported that Samsung will release a Windows 10 laptop that will be powered by an Exynos chipset that integrates an AMD GPU. The machine is tipped to launch later this year. This is not the first time Samsung is giving us ARM-based Windows 10 laptops. It has done so in the past with the Galaxy Book S. However, the company relied on Qualcomm to supply the processors for that computer.

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Samsung Galaxy Book Flex (Image for representation purposes only)

While Qualcomm is the go-to choice for most OEMs for their ARM-based machines, the Windows ARM hasn’t taken off yet. Part of the blame lies on Microsoft, which hasn’t been able to implement the theory, and hence, leaving inefficient app compatibility. However, we are not saying that these problems will go away with the Exynos variant of Samsung’s Windows ARM machine, but the future looks promising. The laptop would go against the likes of M1 Macs, which have received favorable reviews.

There were reports when the Exynos-AMD bit was speculated to power a smartphone, some benchmark tests had leaked. The AMD-driven Exynos chip was far ahead of Apple’s A14 Bionic, which usually outperforms the best of Qualcomm. Now that the Exynos-AMD development is said to be related to laptops, those figures comparing it to A14 Bionic don’t matter much. However, they do hint towards a powerful future for Samsung’s in-house chipsets.

Via: Engadget

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