Microsoft drops the Surface Duo price to $999 and is finally bringing it to Europe

Microsoft’s first foldable phone – the Surface Duo – finally went on sale back in September last year after being stuck in lengthy development hell and some post-debut delays too. But so far, the phone has been limited to the US shores. That is finally about to change, as the company is bringing to the European market as well, and is launching it in Canada too. Plus, the phone is also getting a hefty $400 cut on its original asking price. 

The 256GB unlocked variant of Surface Duo also comes down to $1,099

Starting with the price cut, the Microsoft US store has currently listed the Surface Duo at $999.99 for the 128GB storage model in its unlocked state. However, if you don’t prefer nuking your wallet, you can also go with the $33.33/month plan for owning Microsoft’s sleek dual-screen phone-tablet hybrid. 

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The company is also dropping the price of its 256GB model to $1,099, down from its initial eye-popping price of $1,499. And to spare you the financial shock as you plan to splurge your hard-earned cash on the Surface Duo, Microsoft is offering a $36.66/month installment plan for this variant as well. 

Surface Duo is finally making it to other markets too

In Canada, UK, France, and Germany, the Surface Duo will go on sale starting February 18

Now, coming to the expanded availability part. Microsoft will start selling the Surface Duo in Canada starting February 18. And on the same date, it will also hit the shelves in some key European markets that include France, Germany, and the UK. But unfortunately, Microsoft is not extending the price cut’s benefit to its customers in Europe.

In the United Kingdom, the fancy Surface foldable will set you back by £1,349 for the base variant. If you live in France, the 128GB model will set you back by €1,549, while the 256GB model will cost €1,649. And for potential buyers in Germany, they’ll have to shell out a minimum of €1,549 on the device, the same as the French market.

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